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Legal and General Awareness Page

Whilst hopefully not being too patronising, in order to protect the club, we sadly sometimes have to state the obvious, especially in this Health & Safety dominated world we now live in, as it takes only one accident or incident to spoil things for the club and everybody else. So, all of the below is stated in terms of Due Diligence on our behalf.

We accept members who can abide by the conditions and club culture, as stated on the (become a member page) and this page.

In addition, we expect members whilst on club business, ride-outs, events or functions etc, to behave in an appropriate manner, and never to bring the club into dis-repute.

We also expect club members on ride-outs, to ride roadworthy machines, that are insured and have a current ITV or equivalent certificate. Its not of course, within our remit to check on this, we mention it purely in terms of ...Due Diligence... in order to protect the club, and to make you aware of your responsibilities.

We expect members on ride-outs, to abide by all local traffic regulations, and to ride safely at all times. Please ride at a speed that is safely comfortable to you, and at a safe distance from other riders. If you are new to biking, returning to biking, or are uncertain or unsure of any aspect whilst on a ride-out, please speak to the roadmaster, or a club team member, who will provide the relevant advice, re-assurance, and assistance.

In addition if you need extra guidance and information on riding/motoring matters and laws generally, please consult the guidance and advice on the Trafico Website and their N332-Facebook Page.