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Costa Blanca Rawhiders Motorcycle Club visited  Torrevieja Alzheimer's Association (AFA) on 8th 2018 October to present funds to cover the cost of new staff uniforms. AFA President Lydia also presented club team members Alan Ogden and Ed Purcell with a plaque of appreciation in respect of the clubs ongoing support. Costa Blanca Rawhiders are proud to be associated with this excellent organization, and to be able to assist these caring and wonderful people when and where we can. 

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This article has been featured in the Leader Newspaper.

Hi All, this heartwarming story was published in the UK recently in the Motorcycle Rider Magazine, which is the magazine of the BMF (British Motorcycle Federation) 

A big thanks to the BMF and also to Alex Selfridge and his son Adam who are the subjects of the article.

Please click on the BMF link below in order to download a word doc to your device or laptop which you can then read.

November 2017 - Rawhiders presenting wheelchairs to Cancer Support Group MABS during their monthly breakfast meeting at the Peppermill Restaurant in Benidorm. Many thanks to all our fund raising members, and thanks also to MABS for their wonderful support to all in times of need.

July 2017 - Well, we have done it - our fund raising efforts have been successful in respect of the Torrevieja Alzheimer's Association, and the new external signage at the Day Centre has now been paid for and erected. We visited Sat 22nd July 2017 to inaugurate the sign, see photos.... a great big thank you to all our wonderful Rawhider members for your generosity and support in order to make this happen for these wonderful people.

The club has enjoyed a very successful 2016 year.

The year end also saw the Clubs 6th Xmas function (moved to evening from lunchtime) and charity auction, in December, attended by 80 people, some of who had flown in from overseas for the occasion.The auction raised 554 Euros for our designated Alzheimer's Charity. The club also participated in the annual Santa Toy Run in December, in Alicante.

This year’s events also included monthly ride/outs to various bike shows, museums, and other places of interest, as well as very popular monthly breakfast meetings. We also made visits to the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association, whom we support, to hand over funds raised during the year.

Of course, none of this would have been possible in the first place, without the camaraderie, input and attendance of our wonderful club members, so thanks to all in this respect.

Welcoming home Dave and Mitch Bull who completed a 6,500K ride around the coast of Spain in aid of Aecc Cancer and Samaritans in Spain Awareness. Rawhiders had seen them  them off in convoy from Gran Alacant as far as Alicante some weeks earlier.

The latest Alzheimer's collection tin in Allies Place, realised 25 Euros...October 2016

Lots of latent talent exists within the club, especially the musical kind, and to that end, some members have got a band together called Just Breathing, or also known as the Rawhiders Band, and made their debut in July 2016

The latest Alzheimers collection tin in Alfies Place, realised 28.00  May 2016

Our Annual Rawhiders Charity BBQ in aid of the Alzheimer's Association in Torrevieja was held in Busot on 21st May 2016, and raised 353 Euros for the charity. Well done to all who attended, and to club members Colin & Mary for hosting the event.

The latest Alzheimers collection tin in Alfies Place, realised 11.50... Feb 2016

December 2015 Toy Run in Alicante, a great event and included a police convoy ride around the city.

Hi all,

Just to let you know that Matilde has decided to retire. Its quite understandable as you can see from the article. However, the good work of the AFA goes on, and we will continue to support them.

Hi all, the Alzheimers collection tin collected from Alfies Place in mid September raised 10 Euros. Not a lot you might think, previous tin was about 20 Euros, but every little helps.

Club member Steve Brookers mum in law, has kindly donated 140 Euros that she raised for us at her recent 80th birthday party, and has specified that it was raised for the Alzheimers society.

A wonderful gesture..... thank you!!!
We are proud to announce that we have now reached 100 club members, so hopefully we are doing something right.

Patches being presented to our 100th member Patrik Kinander

News Update

Big Al and myself,  manned a free pitch/table at the Caudete Rastro today, 25th April, and made the princely sum of 144 Euros, in aid of our supported charity, the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Society. Many thanks to our sponsors and donors, including Rolf Hanson, Jim Fletcher, the Card Place at Benimar, and the Caudete Rastro.

Our charity auction at our annual Xmas Lunch on 12th December  2014, raised 210 Euros for the Torrevieja Alzheimers Association, well done all. More events planned for 2015

On 24th October 2014, Rawhiders visited the Alzheimers Association at Torrevieja, to present the funds raised at Pedros Charity BBQ - well done to all. Also, the Alzheimers collection tin which was in Alfies Place, has realised 21.80 Euros, and the Tin collected from Alfies in March 2015 raised 17.50