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The club was formed in September 2010, and our website went live in March 2011

                   We are an Independent Social Motor Cycle Riding Club.

The club works like this....known future rides/events and monthly breakfast meets are posted to the future events page, then anyone who can make it, just turns up, its as simple as that.  Where there is an event happening, and we have not planned a club ride-out, we post it on the Other Events Page for information only, so that members are aware, and can go individually if they wish.... individual members can also organize ride-outs by talking to each other on the Forum Page, or our Facebook page.

We try to structure the club on a no hassle, no pressure basis for members. Our members live mainly in different parts of  the Costa Blanca and some elsewhere in Spain. Some also work away, and we only see them now and again, and that's fine, as we don't expect members to come on a minimum number of ride outs, people just turn up when they can. Once they have paid the membership fee, they are members, and its up to them if they don't or cant come at all, depending on their circumstances.

Site technical and status information

Current site status.. site is working normally for viewing purposes. However, some potential new members tell us they are having trouble registering, also some members report that they are having trouble logging in to the forum... we are working on it.

If you are trying to register as a new member and are having trouble doing so, please email stating what happens, or what message you get etc. We will then mail you back and take you through the registration process....

If you are a member, and are experiencing difficulty in logging in... please clear your browser cache/delete browsing history etc, as this can be the cause of 99% of login problems... please google how to do this if you are not sure. Also, try a different browser as well, to make sure that the problem is not with your actual browser.

Without logging in, ordinary site viewing is compatible with all browsers, tablets, smartphones etc. However, if you need to login to do something, this is best done on a laptop or desktop, although it can work on tablets or phones, but glitches can occur. Also if you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, this is fine for viewing, but its not very reliable after you have logged in.